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Super Bone

Another exciting work from Nicola Ferro, composed for Joseph Alessi at the 2016 Alessi Seminar. Powerful melodies and strong textures define this great piece for solo trombone and 12 part trombone choir. BUY MUSIC


A gentle, lyrical piece for trombone and harp accompaniment by Nicola Ferro. The melody can also be performed by cello, bassoon or horn for a different effect. More info


An exciting, massive new work for trombone solo and trombone choir! This 3 movement piece is replete with challenging time signatures, rhythmic complexity and engaging interplay between parts. A perfect piece for the ambitious trombone choir! More info


A dramatic, dynamic piece for Trombone and Trumpet, and Piano! Strong melodies and intense technical passages make this a great selection for brass players. Composed for Daniele Morandini on trombone Yigal Meltzer on trumpet. Buy now

Song For My Children

A wonderful song Nicola Ferro intended for to be played for children. The trombone ensemble is gentle and beautiful in this peaceful work. Buy now Video demo


An AMAZING work Written for VLADIMIRO CAINERO and premiered at the International Horn Society's Mid South Workshop. This work displays the French Horn in somewhat of a new light with an electronic accompaniment. The composer states that it works well for Solo Horn or Horn Ensemble. More info


An intense work for unaccompanied trombone by Nicola Ferro. A must play! More info


Another amazing unaccompanied trombone work by Nicola Ferro. Enjoy! More info

Solar Arena

A steady, relaxing solo for trombone and latin band. Very soulful! More info

Fuego Del Sol

A grooving trombone duet with latin band accompaniment! Wonderfully performed on Joseph Alessi's album, "Caliente." More info

Viajando Al Sur

A great duet for two trombones with latin band accompaniment! Very fun for performers and audiences alike! More info

Era Tera

Dedicated to the city of Matera, Italy, this piece for trombone ensemble is heroic and emotional. An intense work! More info

La Mia Terra

A dramatic melody and lush harmonies make this piece a true treat for solo trombone and trombone ensemble. More info

The Bean – Composed for the Brass Quintet of Chicago Symphony USA

A powerful new piece for brass quintet, with engaging rhythms and intense dynamics. A beautiful and tender lyrical section wraps up this outstanding work! More info

La Luna Sobre El Mar

An intimate, reflective trombone solo on the "Caliente" album. With electric piano, guitar, bass, and drum set. A relaxing, beautiful work. More info

Con Amigos En Tierra

A wonderful trombone solo on the "Caliente" album. Piano, guitar accordian, strings and percussion accompany a singing trombone melody. More info


With 2 trombones and salsa cuban Band More info


With 8 trombones, electric bass, drum and percussion More info


With 8 trombones, electric bass, drum and percussion More info

1st Suite from Earth Games 2012

Acquista subito!

Air of Manhattan

Acquista subito!

“Buonasera Trombone” per 12 tromboni

"Buonasera Trombone" is a piece written especially for ALESSI SEMINAR EUROPE with the first performance in Fossano 2008. "It is a particular piece to give a sort of salute to the audience. In Italian, the title means good evening trombone. The piece alternates with a similar introduction and presentation a TV show to come to a central part of contemporary music with references to the resumption of the theme. It is a very attractive piece for the audience and a great opener." Acquista subito!  

“Remember the life” per 8 tromboni

Commissioned by Dr. Jonathan Whitaker for the 2009 Alessi Seminar. A fantastic composition by Nicola Ferro! Acquista subito!

“The cat of highmount” per 3 tromboni, 1 eufonium, 1 tuba e 2 percussioni

Nicola Ferro's amazing composition for 3 Trombones, Euphonium, Tuba and 2 Percussion players. Nicola writes: "This original composition has been my inspiration during the time I was at Joe's home on Highmount Ave in Nyack, NY. I met his beautiful cat, I noticed all the details, when he walked, when he jumped and when he purred. Every part of the piece is the representation of the cat. At the end, I included a quotation from the cat of the fable Music Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev." Acquista subito!

“Solarius” per tromba, trombone e street band

Solarius is a special piece written for Joseph Alessi and Andrea Giuffredi and premiered performance in Italy 2006. "I wanted to create this position to represent the energy music in this song with a funky groove." Acquista subito!

Wind’s Dance

8 trombones and soloist Composed for Joseph Alessi and the Trombone Collective and premiered at the 2009 Slidefactory. A real show stopper! Acquista subito!

Tico Tico di Zequinha di Abreu, arrangement Nicola Ferro

This great melody set with accordian, guitar, and bass. A great closer and show stopper leaves the audience wanting to dance!

Red Spain


Notes of Love, di Nicola Ferro per TROMBONE e PIANOFORTE

Scritti per Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone New York Philarmonic Video Acquista subito!  

Project “Tetralogy of the sun”

  • Midday
  • Sunset
  • Midnight
  • Daybreak
Per trombone e pianoforte Scritti per Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone New York Philarmonic Acquista subito!

Chonda Music

Per 3 tromboni tenori, 1 tuba, 1 drum scritti per Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone New York Philarmonic Acquista subito!


Per 9 trombe, 2 flicorni, 1 contrabbasso, 1 drum Scritto per Andrea Giuffredi Acquista subito!

Hot Wind

Per 5 trombe, 1 flicorno, 1 contrabbasso, 1 drum Scritto per Andrea Giuffredi Acquista subito!

Enry Blue

Per 1 trombone, 1 fisarmonica, 1 contrabasso, 1 chitarra Acquista subito!

Black White

Per flicorno e pianoforte dedicato ad Andrea Giuffredi "Nicola Ferro ha scritto per me Black White per flicorno e pianoforte. Il brano e' una alternanza di due piccoli "quadri" Black White appunto. Comprende una parte melodica alternata da fulminee impennate del flicorno. Nel brano si può subito sentire il calore e la spontaneità del senso melodico di Ferro come anche si avverte in modo chiaro una immagine musicale molto di "confine",un miscuglio di influenze Classic, Pop, Jazz, Fusion ma con una scrittura molto personale e autentica." Andrea Giuffredi Acquista subito!