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The Music of Nicola Ferro:

A Description and Performance Guide to

Tetralogy of the Sun Suite and

Annotated Guide to Published Works Bradley James Keesler

University of South Carolina



© Copyright by Bradley James Keesler, 2016 All Rights Reserved.


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The Music of Nicola Ferro_ A Description and Performance Guide to




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The subject of this research document is the music of Italian trombonist and composer Nicola Ferro (b. 1974). The main purpose of this document is an attempt to initiate scholarly research of Ferro and his compositions. While much of his music has been performed and recorded by some of the world’s greatest musicians (most notably Joseph Alessi, New York Philharmonic Principal Trombonist), there is very little written research on the subject of Ferro or his music.

Part of this document will serve as a performance guide to one of his most important compositions, the Tetralogy of the Sun Suite for trombone and piano. A greater in-depth look at this particular composition should help to show the general style and compositional attributes of his music. This guide will provide insight and performance suggestions for musicians at any level, from student to amateur to professional. This can also be a resource for teachers and accompanists in aiding the preparation of this music for performance.

This document will also contain an annotated guide to the works currently published through 2016. This list includes music in a variety of styles and genres that have been composed for solo trombone (with and without accompaniment), brass chamber ensembles, wind band, and more. The annotations will include pertinent information regarding the compositions such as date of publication, approximate length, commission information, and a brief description of each piece.